About POTW

Divebums Photos of the Week was started in April 2005 and has been published weekly since—although with several breaks. Its purposes are to showcase some of the great underwater photography being taken by Southern California divers, to show some of the seasonal natural history cycles, to help divers become more familiar with some of the marine species seen in Southern California, and lest we forget, to enjoy some pretty pictures!

Photos of the Week is NOT a competition; there are no best photos of the week, no jury, no prizes...

Any Southern California diver may submit one underwater photo from the previous week to be included. For digital photographers, the photo must be from the previous week; for film photographers, the photo should be from either the previous week or your most recent roll of film (but not from 3 months ago!). Digital photos that are up to a couple weeks old will be accepted if you were traveling and are just now able to get the photos in.