April 4, 2016

Moon Jellies Emily Bly

Mission Bay

Moon Jellies
Aurelia aurita

Sargassum horneri Bob Austin

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall
55 feet

The highly invasive seaweed
Sargassum horneri

Sargassum horneri has cylindrical floats; Sargassum muticum has spherical floats. Both are invasive, but S. muticum has been here for a long time and does not take over a location like the newer S. horneri does.

Canon Powershot G16
f/2, 1/250, ISO 200

Janolus barbarensis Allison Vitsky Sallmon

La Jolla Shores

Janolus barbarensis

Canon 7D mark II
Dual Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes
60mm lens

Limenandra barnosii Kevin Lee

Anilao, Philippines
Anilao Pier
103 feet

Limenandra barnosii

Nikon D800
Dual Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes

Spiny Brittle Star Jonathan Lavan

Off San Pedro
Oil Rig Elly/Ellen

Spiny Brittle Star
Ophiothrix spiculata

Nikon D300
Subal housing
Dual Ikelite strobes
Sola 800 focus light
60mm lens
f/10, 1/250, ISO 200

Ochre Star Sandy Dildine

Laguna Beach
Shaw's Cove
15 feet

Ochre Star
Pisaster ochraceus

with an octopus in the background

Olympus TG-3
Internal flash

Pacific Seahorse Heather Lippert

La Jolla Shores
South Walls
55 feet

Pacific Seahorse
Hippocampus ingens

Nikon S1
Single strobe

Mussel Blenny Roger Uzun

La Jolla Shores
60 feet

Mussel Blenny
Hypsoblennius jenkinsi

Canon XA30 camcorder
Keldan Luna 4 Flux lights

Tuna Crab Mark Pidcoe

La Jolla Shores

Tuna Crab
Pleuroncodes planipes

Olympus E-PM1
Dual Intova ISS4000 strobes

Hermissenda Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
South Walls
55 feet

Two Hermissenda opalescens

Sea & Sea 2G
Internal flash

California Moray David R. Andrew

La Jolla
Marine Room

California Moray
Gymnothorax mordax

Nikon D7000
Dual Ikelite DS160 strobes
60mm lens
f/16, 1/125, ISO 250

Gorgonian Tiffany Poon

La Jolla
God's Rock

Unidentified Gorgonian

Can anyone help identify this gorgonian? Key characteristics: single plane, highly branched, thin arms, purplish/red base color, yellow polyps (ignore the zoanthids)

Olympus PEN E-PL1
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes

Blue Shark Ralph Pace

Offshore La Jolla
Nine Mile Bank

Blue Shark
Prionace glauca

Nikon D4s
Aquatica housing
Dual Sea & Sea strobes