October 29, 2012

Mike Johnson

Molokini, Maui

Reef scene with Red Slate Pencil Urchin
Heterocentrotus mammillatus

Nikon D7000
Dual SB-105 strobes
Tokina 10-17mm lens

Bob Bayer

Point Loma

Sunflower Star
Pycnopodia helianthoides

Nikon D300
Nexus housing
Dual Ikelite DS125 strobes
Tokina 10-17mm lens

John H. Moore

Point Loma
Main Channel

Kelp Bass
Paralabrax clathratus

"hiding" on the top of the Kelp canopy
Macrocystis pyrifera

Nikon D200
Sea & Sea housing
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110 strobes
Nikon 60mm lens

Tracy Clark

Mission Bay

Giant Spined Star detail
Pisaster giganteus

The white-ish part in the middle is the sea star's madreporite ("sieve plate") and is connected with the water vascular system that includes its adhesive tube feet (thus powering locomotion).

Nikon D200
60mm lens

Dave Rudie

Point Loma
60 feet

A lone California Spiny Lobster
Panulirus interruptus

hides near some Red Sea Urchins
Strongylocentrotus franciscanus

Sony Nex5

Gayle Van Leer

Point Loma
80 feet

Lemon Nudibranch
Peltodoris nobilis

Nikon P7000
Fantasea housing
Continuous lighting with a Sola 1200

Mike Hernandez

Point Dume
15 feet

Sunlight above the Kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera

Canon PowerShot 1300
Canon housing

Steve Murvine

Point Loma
Christmas Reef
60 feet

Photographer John H. Moore at work

Canon G9
Ikelite housing
DS-125 and DS-161 strobes

Brian McHugh

La Jolla Shores
Vallecitos Point
60 feet

An Octopus
Octopus sp.

drags its Armed Box Crab dinner into a hole
Mursia guadichaudii

Nikon D7000
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes
Sigma 17-70mm lens at 17mm
f/14, 1/320, ISO 400

Steve Gardner

La Jolla Shores
50 feet

Horn Shark
Heterodontus francisci

Olympus C5050Z
Dual strobes
100-degree wide angle lens

Nirupam Nigam

Big Rock Beach
25 feet

Juvenile Garibaldi
Hypsypops rubicundus

Olympus E-PM1
Olympus housing
Single YS-D1 strobe

Stuart Berryhill

Santa Catalina Island
Goat Harbor
65 feet

Giant Sea Bass
Stereolepis gigas

Olympus XZ-1
Single YS-60 strobe

Debbie Karimoto

San Clemente Island
Little Flower

Diver Dana Rodda

Canon G10
Dual Inon strobes
Fisheye dome port

Walt Conklin

Santa Catalina Island
Big Geiger
25 feet

Bat Rays
Myliobatis californica

Panasonic Lumix TS3
f/3.3, 1/80, ISO 100

Kevin Lee

Redondo Beach
Topaz Pier
45 feet

Sarcastic Fringehead
Neoclinus blanchardi

"Nearly-blind, grizzled, old Sarcastic Fringehead, with ripped up lower jaw, but still feisty enough to attack my camera rig."

Nikon D300
Dual YS-110a strobes
60mm lens plus 1.4 teleconverter

Scott McGee


A wave abstract

Nikon D800
300mm lens
f/29, 1/8