Photos of the Week #231

September 21, 2009

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Walter Heim

San Diego's Wreck Alley
NOSC Tower
50 feet

Black Perch
Embiotoca jacksoni

Canon 20D
Dual SB105 strobes
Tokina 10-17mm lens

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
25 feet

Sea Pens
Stylatula elongata

Sand Dollars
Dendraster excentricus

Canon G10
Dual YS110 strobes

Steve Murvine

Hoodsport, Washington
50 feet

Smoothhead Sculpin
Artedius lateralis

Canon G9
Ikelite housing
DS125 strobe

Jimmy Yuan

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall
50 feet

Yellowfin Fringehead
Neoclinus stephensae

Canon Powershot A620

David Andrew

La Jolla Shores
22 feet

Juvenile Shovelnose Guitarfish
Rhinobatos productus

Nikon D90
Ikelite Housing
Dual Ikelite DS-160 Strobes
60mm lens
f/16.0, 1/200, ISO 250

Kevin Lee

Jeju Island, Korea
Hwa-Soon Beach

Longbill Eel
Ophisurus macrorhynchus

and lots of krill

Nikon D200
Dual YS-110 strobes

Michael Huber

Scripps Canyon
90 feet

Vermilion Rockfish
Sebastes miniatus

Pentax S5i
Internal flash (plus a little help from a UK800R)
f/4.6, 1/60, ISO80

Brenda Bridgett

La Jolla
14 feet

Juvenile Garibaldi
Hypsypops rubicundus

Canon A570
Internal flash

Roger Uzun


2:56-min video clip

Click to play video clip

Sony XR520v camcorder
Light & Motion Bluefin Pro housing
Sunray 2000 Video lights

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