Photos of the Week Details


1. Photos of the Week is NOT a competition; there are no best photos of the week, no jury, no prizes...

2. Any Southern California diver may submit one underwater photo from the previous week to be included. For digital photographers, the photo must be from the previous week; for film photographers, the photo should be from either the previous week or your most recent roll of film (but not from 3 months ago!). Digital photos that are up to a couple weeks old will be accepted if you were traveling and are just now able to get the photos in.

3. In general, each new Photos of the Week will be published on Tuesday or Wednesday and will cover the week prior, including the weekend that just ended. Specifically, unless it's a long holiday weekend, the previous week will be from Monday morning to Sunday night, with the webpage published the following Tuesday.

4. It's generally best if you send your original, full-size image file. If you are an experienced photo editor and wish to do your own editing, then you may send horizontal images at 576 pixels wide (8 inches at 72 dpi) or vertical images at 504 pixels high (7 inches at 72 dpi) and in JPEG format at quality 6/10 or 8/12.

5. Please include your full name, the specific location where the shot was taken, the date it was taken, and an identification of the photo subject(s). Please also include camera setup information.

How to Submit Photos

Please send photos via email to John Moore; if you do not know how to do that, then please use the website contact form to make first contact. Thanks.