Photos of the Week #13

July 18, 2005

Divebums Photos of the Week is not a competition. Any Southern California underwater photographer may submit one photo taken the previous week to be included in the Photos of the Week. For details or to submit a photo, please click here.

Richard Anderson

7/16/2005 Night
La Jolla Shores


perhaps a
Pacific Staghorn Sculpin
Leptocottus armatus

Hornyhead Turbot
Pleuronichthys verticalis

Kevin Lee

Catalina Island
Little Geiger

Bryozoans on a kelp blade
Bugula neritina

Oly C-5060
Dual YS-90DX strobes

Mike Johnson

Los Coronados
Lobster Shack

Fried Egg Jellyfish
Phacellophora camtschatica

Steve Preddy

Nikon D100

Dan Scanderbeg

La Jolla Shores
Marine Room

Bat Ray
Myliobatis californica

Canon A95
Canon housing
f 2.8

Steve Gardner

La Jolla Shores
Secret Garden

Red Octopus
Octopus rubescens

Olympus C5050Z
Ikelite Housing
Two DS 50 strobes
Supermacro, ISO 100, F 8, 100/sec

Randy Sysol

La Jolla Cove

Sheep Crab
Loxorhynchus grandis

Olympus C-5050
No strobe

Steve Murvine

Point Loma
Ancient Sea Cliffs

White Dendronotid
Dendronotus albus

3.2 megapixel Olympus

Tracy Clark

La Jolla Shores

Fried Egg Jellyfish
Phacellophora camtschatica

Margaret Webb

Palos Verdes Estates
Buchannan's Reef

Club-tipped Anemone
Corynactis californica

Barnacle, perhaps
Megabalanus californicus

Olympus c5050
Dual Ikelite ds 125 strobes
f8, 1/650

Peter McGuinness

Scripps Canyon
West side of North Branch

Yellow-edged Cadlina
Cadlina luteomarginata

Canon a75
Internal Strobe

Terry Strait

La Jolla Shores
Near Fringehead City

Swimming Crab
Portunus xantusii

Olympus 4040z
Ikelite housing
ISO 100, F4.5, 1/50th
Auto focus
Focal length 9.2mm

"While cruising back in over the sand I came across this small swimming crab "holding" a baseball. Don't see that often so I took the shot... and the baseball, but left the crab."

Todd Warshaw

7/14/2005 Night
Mission Beach
Wreck Alley
HMCS Yukon

Black Sea Nettle
Chrysaora achlyos

Jim Lyle

Palos Verdes Estates
Buchannan's Reef

Tritonia festiva

And an amphipod
Podocerus sp.

Oly C5050
PT-015 housing
Dual Ikelite DS-125 strobes
Inon macro lens adapter
f8, 1/500 sec, ISO 64

Rick Ramsey

Scripps Canyon

White-spotted Porostome
Doriopsilla albopunctata

Olympus Stylus 300
PT-016 Housing
Macro w/ flash

Two color variations

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