Photos of the Week #17

August 15, 2005

Divebums Photos of the Week is not a competition. Any Southern California underwater photographer may submit one photo taken the previous week to be included in the Photos of the Week. For details or to submit a photo, please click here.

Terry Strait

La Jolla Shores
Fringehead City

Juvenile Lingcod
Ophiodon elongatus

Speckled Sanddab
Citharichthys stigmaeus

Olympus 4040z
Ikelite Housing
Single DS 50

"Found this little juvenile lingcod that had bitten off more than he could chew!"

Margaret Webb

Redondo Beach
Artificial Fishing Reef
The Barge

Club-tipped Anemone
Corynactis californica

Olympus c5050
Dual Ikelite ds125 strobes
Two Inon macro lenses

Matt Gieselman

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall

Sarcastic Fringehead
Neoclinus blanchardi

Canon SD500
Internal Strobe
ISO 200
Macro Mode

Steve Murvine

Point Loma Kelp
Ancient Sea Cliffs
The Crevice

Catalina Triopha
Triopha catalinae

Olympus 3.2 megapixel

Dave Beadle

La Jolla Shores
North Wall

Red Octopus
Octopus rubescens

Olympus C730
Ikelite housing
DS50 strobe
f 5.6, 1/100 shutter, ISO 100

Mark Chapman

Catalina Island
Emerald Bay

Macrocystis pyrifera

Nikon D-70
60mm macro
f8.0, 1/100

Tracy Clark

La Jolla Shores

Angel Shark
Squatina californica

Olympus 770
Olympus flash

Rick Ramsey

La Jolla Shores
Above Secret Garden

Sea Pansy
Renilla koellikeri

California Armina
Armina californica

Small crab ID?

Olympus Stylus 300
PT-016 Housing

Kevin Lee

Laguna Beach
Wood's Cove

What is this??
About one inch long

Olympus C-5060
YS-90dx & YS-15 strobes

Chris Bell

Cozumel, Mexico
Paradise Reef

Juvenile Spotted Drum
Equetus punctatus

Nikon Coolpix 990
Ikelite housing
Dual strobes

Dan Scanderbeg

Laguna Beach
Shaw's Cove

California Scorpionfish
Scorpaena guttata

Canon A95
Canon housing
Internal strobe
f2.8, 1/60

Ann Marie McCann

Santa Barbara Island

McPeak's Urticina
Urticina mcpeaki

Spiny Brittle Stars
Ophiothrix spiculata

Steve Gardner

La Jolla Shores

Brown Rockfish
Sebastes auriculatus

Olympus 5050Z
Ikelite Housing
Two Ikelite DS 50 Strobes
f8, 1/100, ISO 100
Supermacro in Auto Focus

Debbie Karimoto

Laguna Beach
Cleo Street

Two-spot Octopus
Octopus bimaculatus, or
Octopus bimaculoides

Olympus C5050z
Inon D-180 Strobe
f5.0, 1/100 sec

David Johnson

Laguna Beach
Emerald Bay

Spanish Shawl
Flabellina iodinea

Sony Cybershot T-1
Internal flash

Dave McNair

Catalina Island
Seafan Grotto

Lavender Sculpin
Leiocottus hirundo

Nikon CoolPix 4100
Nikon WP-CP1 housing
Internal flash

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