January 4, 2016

Tuna Crabs Weiwei Gao

Point Loma
15 feet

A whole lot of Tuna Crabs
Pleuroncodes planipes

There are 457 distinguishable tuna crabs in this shot!

Canon D70
Tokina 10-17mm lens at 10 mm

Humped Ancula Christopher Huynh

La Jolla Shores
60 feet

Humped Ancula
Ancula gibbosa

Olympus EPM1
Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe
60mm lens

Pacific Seahorse John H. Moore

La Jolla Shores
30 feet

Pacific Seahorse
Hippocampus ingens

Sand Dollars
Dendraster excentricus

Nikon D200
Single Sea & Sea YS-110 strobe
60mm lens
f/8, 1/200, ISO 400

Toothshell Hermit Crab Tiffany Poon

Monterey Bay
Metridium Fields
45 feet

Toothshell Hermit Crab
Orthopagurus minimus

Olympus PEN E-PL1
Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes
14-42mm lens with macro adaptor

Crowned Sea Urchin Kevin Lee

Redondo Beach
Golf Ball Reef
63 feet

Crowned Sea Urchin
Centrostephanus coronatus

Nikon D800
Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe

Zebra Goby Sandy Dildine

Laguna Beach
Diver's Cove
10 feet

Zebra Goby
Lythrypnus zebra

Olympus TG-3
Internal flash

Harbor Seal Michael Herndon

Laguna Beach
Shaw's Cove
20 feet

Diver Steve Schirmer and a Harbor Seal
Phoca vitulina

Olympus E-PM1
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110 strobes

Gray Moon Sponge Phil Garner

Hermosa Beach
Artificial Reef
60 feet

Gray Moon Sponge
Spheciospongia confoederata

with Strawberry Anemones
Corynactis californica

Nikon D700
16mm lens
f/3, 1/125, ISO 400

Santa Barbara Janolus Heather Lippert

La Jolla Shores
Below Vallecitos Point
110 feet

Santa Barbara Janolus
Janolus barbarensis

Nikon S1
YS03 strobe, V-25 Fishlight

Western Gull Roger Uzun

La Jolla
Marine Room

Western Gull
Larus occidentalis

Gopro Hero 4
Ambient light

Octopus Stuart Berryhill

Catalina Island
90 feet

Octopus sp.

Olympus E-PL3
YS-60 strobe
Sigma 60mm lens with a 10mm extension tube

Pacific Seahorse Jovan Shepherd

La Jolla Shores
Top of Vallecitos Point
55 feet

Pacific Seahorse
Hippocampus ingens

Olympus E-PL5
Dual Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes
60mm lens

Star-studded Grouper Bob Austin

La Jolla Shores
55 feet

Juvenile Star-studded Grouper
Hyporthodus niphobles

Canon Powershot G16
Fantasea housing
f/3.5, 1/250, ISO 200

Tuna Crabs Gayle Van Leer

Point Loma
25 feet

Tuna Crabs under a boat
Pleuroncodes planipes

Sony A6000
Sea & Sea housing
Beneath The Surface frame and tray
Continuous lighting using two Sola lights