August 17, 2015

Target Shrimp Weiwei Gao

La Jolla Shores
25 feet

Mating Target Shrimp
Sicyonia penicillata

From a decapod expert, "[when mating, shrimp] position themselves at right angles like this and the male deposits sperm in the receptacle of the female on one side, then turns 180 degrees and does the other side."

Canon Elph 300

Orangethroat Pikeblenny Howard Hall

San Clemente Island
Little Flower
60 feet

Orangethroat Pikeblenny
Cheanopsis alepidota

RED Epic Camera (frame grab)
Sigma 17-70mm lens

Salmon Tiffany Poon

Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Gold River
20 feet

Sockeye Salmon
Oncorhynchus nerka

Olympus PEN E-PL1
Sea & Sea YS110 strobes
Panasonic Lumix G 8mm fisheye lens

Yellow Snake Eel Gayle Van Leer

La Jolla Shores
55 feet

Yellow Snake Eel
Ophichthus zophochir

Sony A6000
Sea & Sea housing
Beneath The Surface frame and tray
Two Sola lights

Cadlina flavomaculata Christopher Huynh

La Jolla Shores
Secret Garden
110 feet

Two Yellow-spotted Cadlinas
(but not their egg mass)
Cadlina flavomaculata

Olympus EPM1
Intova ISS4000 strobe
14-42mm lens

Sheephead and Urchin John H. Moore

La Jolla Cove

A California Sheephead
Semicossyphus pulcher

fleeing from other reef fish trying to steal its breakfast, a Purple Sea Urchin
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Nikon D200
Sea & Sea housing
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110 strobes
Nikon 60mm macro lens
f/8, 1/200, ISO 400

Atagema alba Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
Secret Garden

White Dorid
Atagema alba

Sea & Sea 2G
Internal flash

Tylodina fungina Scott McGee

Mission Point Park
10 feet

Mushroom Sidegill
Tylodina fungina

Nikon D800
Ikelite housing
Dual DS-161 strobes
Nikon 105mm macro lens
f/9, 1/320, ISO 125

Banded Guitarfish Debbie Karimoto

Laguna Beach
Shaw's Cove

Banded Guitarfish
Zapteryx exasperata

GoPro 4
Sola video light

White Shark Lenny Coppenrath

Guadalupe Island, Mexico

White Shark
Carcharodon carcharias

Olympus TG4

Southern Kelp Crab Mark Pidcoe

La Jolla Shores
Crap Patch
45 feet

Southern Kelp Crab
Taliepus nuttallii

Olympus E-PM1
Three Intova ISS4000 strobes
f/22, 1/160, ISO 200

Polycera atra Aaron Halstead

Laguna Beach
Deadman's Reef
45 feet

Black Dorid
Polycera atra

Nikon D90
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes
105mm lens with diopter

Hermissenda and Spanish Shawl Steve Murvine

Point Loma
75 feet

Horned Aeolid
Hermissenda crassicornis

and Spanish Shawl
Flabellina iodinea

Canon G-15
Sola 1200 light

Largemouth Blenny Roger Uzun

La Jolla
Marine Room
10 feet

Male Largemouth Blenny in breeding colors (red)
and two females (right)
Labrisomus xanti

Canon XA-20 camcorder
Ambient light

Doriopsilla spaldingi Vanessa Homyak

La Jolla Shores
Secret Garden
116 feet

Spalding's Dorid, with eggs
Doriopsilla spaldingi

GoPro 4

Polycera tricolor David R. Andrew

Point Loma
89 feet

Three-colored Dorid
Polycera tricolor

Nikon D7000
Dual Ikelite DS160 strobes
60mm lens with Kenko 1.4 teleconverter
f/16, 1/200, ISO 250

Blue Dragon Mike Snyder

Oahu, HI Mini Barge 70 feet

Blue Dragon Nudibranch
Pteraeolidia ianthina

Canon PowerShot SD960 IS