October 1, 2012

Merry Passage

Redondo Beach
Artificial Reef
82 feet

Yellow Crab (left)
Metacarcinus anthonyi

Brown Rock Crab (right)
Romaleon antennarius

The Yellow Crab defended its spot, forcing the Red Rock Crab to retreat... and even picked the Red Rock Crab up at one point!

Nikon D700
Dual Ikelite DS-161 strobes
Nikon 60mm lens
f/32, 1/250, ISO 400

Terry Strait

Point Loma
Near Train Wheels
75 feet

Yellowfin Fringehead
Neoclinus stephensae

Nikon D40x
Ikelite housing
Dual DS-125 strobes
60mm lens
f/20, 1/125, ISO 200

John H. Moore

La Jolla
Marine Room

Sheep Crab
Loxorhynchus grandis

Nikon D200
Sea & Sea housing
Dual Sea & Sea YS-110 strobes
Nikon 60mm lens

Tracy Clark

Mission Bay

Polyclad Flatworm
Prostheceraeus bellostriatus

Nikon D200
60mm lens

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
25 feet

Juvenile Giant Sea Bass
Stereolepis gigas

Sea & Sea DX-2G
Internal strobe

Steve Murvine

Point Loma
Main Channel
85 feet

The nudibranch
Cadlina limbaughorum

amidst Club-tipped Anemones
Corynactic californica

Canon G-9
Ikelite DS-125 and DS-161 strobes

Gayle Van Leer

Point Loma
30 feet

A kelp abstract
Macrocystis pyrifera

Nikon P7000
Fantasea housing
Continuous lighting with a Sola 1200D

Steve Gardner

La Jolla Shores
60 feet

Diver Kerry Mahoney checks out some

California Spiny Lobster
Panulirus interruptus

Stuart Berryhill

Catalina Island
Goat Harbor
30 feet

Giant Kelpfish
Heterostichus rostratus

Olympus XZ-1
Single YS-60 strobe

Phil Garner

San Pedro
White Point Rock
70 feet

Polyclad Flatworm
Pseudoceros luteus

Nikon D700
f/18, 1/200

Scott McGee

La Jolla Shores
North Wall
65 feet

Chestnut Cowry
Cypraea spadicea

Nikon D200
60mm lens with diopter
f/18, 1/160

Margaret Webb

Redondo Beach
Artificial Reef

A shark fin breaks the surface nearby
Unidentified (juvenile white or thresher?)

Nikon D200

Kevin Lee

Sumbawa, Indonesia
Bima Bay

"Here's a shot of a lizardfish which pounced upon an unfortunate victim. I figured the predator's eyes were much bigger than its stomach and it would have to release the prey, both fish being about the same size. A titanic struggle ensued and the flailing fish whipped the lizardfish about for several minutes. However, the lizardfish kept its jaws tightly clamped around its dinner, eventually suffocating the hapless victim. Then, slowly the lizardfish ratcheted its sharp teeth back and forth until, amazingly, it swallowed the entire fish."

Reef Lizardfish
Synodus variegatus

Brown-barred Goby
Amblygobius phaelena

Nikon D300
Dual YS-110a strobes
60mm lens plus 1.4 teleconverter

Matt Cerezo

Southern Oregon
Illinois River, near Grant's Pass

After the dive...

Nikon D60
10.5mm fisheye