Photos of the Week #288

October 25, 2010

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Keith Lewis
First submission to POTW!

La Jolla Shores
South Walls

Common Thresher Shark
Alopias vulpinus

Canon G9

Terry Strait

La Jolla Shores
North Wall

Diver Steve Lawton and an

Ocean Sunfish
Mola mola

Nikon D40x
Sigma 10-17mm at 10mm

Steve Murvine

North Sulawesi
Bunaken Preserve

Blue-ring Octopus
Hapalochlaena maculosa

Canon G-9
Ikelite housing
Dual Ikelight DS-125 strobes

Scott McGee

San Diego's Wreck Alley

White-plumed Anemones
Metridium farcimen

below the Forward Guns

Nikon D200
Ikelite housing
Dual DS-125 strobes
10.5mm fisheye lens
f/7.1, 1/60

David Hershman

San Diego's Wreck Alley

Ocean Sunfish
Mola mola

Olympus Stylus 1030SW
Olympus housing
Single strobe

Clint Crowe

Kona, Hawaii
Pahoehoe Beach Park
50 feet

Divided Flatworm
Pseudoceros dimidiatus

on Lobe Coral
Porites lobata

Canon G11
Canon WP-DC34 housing

Peter Brueggeman

Point Loma
90 feet

Giant Spined Star
Pisaster giganteus a Spanish Shawl, strawberry anemones, a red gorgonian, and much more

Olympus 8080
Ikelite housing
Ikelite DS51 strobe and Sea and Sea YS120 slave strobe

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
Sand Flats
15 feet

Northern Kelp Crab
Pugettia producta

Sea & Sea DX-2G
Single Sea & Sea YS-110 strobe

Matt Cerezo

Catalina Island
Casino Point Underwater Park

Giant Kelpfish
Heterostichus rostratus

Sealife DC1000
Sealife Digital Strobe

Dave McNair

Hood Canal, Washington
Seabeck Marina
20 feet

Dirona albolineata

on Dave's pumpkin, after he carved it!

Canon Powershot A710is
Internal flash

Scott Gietler

Off Long Beach
Oil Rig Elly

Diver Carolyn Wang and an

Ocean Sunfish
Mola mola

Nikon D300
Tokina 10-17mm lens
f/7, 1/100, ISO 320

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