Photos of the Week #286

October 11, 2010

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Scott Gietler

Farnsworth Bank

Divers Dana Rodda and Nayan Savla and a

Pacific Electric Ray
Torpedo californica

Nikon D300
Tokina 10-17mm at 14mm
f/9, 1/100, ISO 200

Scott McGee

Marine Room
photo taken from the surface in 5 feet of water

Leopard Shark
Triakis semifasciata

Nikon D200
Ambient light
10.5mm fisheye
f/8, 1/160

Steve Christenson

La Jolla Shores
20 feet

Leopard Shark
Triakis semifasciata

Canon SD870IS
Dual Sea & Sea YS-27DX strobes

Brian McHugh

Farnsworth Bank

California Purple Hydrocoral
Stylaster californicus

Peltodoris nobilis

Bat Stars
Asterina miniata

Olympus E-520
Sea & Sea 110a and 110 strobes
9-18mm lens at 9mm
f/8, 1/40, ISO 200

Brenda Bridgett

La Jolla Shores

Spanish Shawl
Flabellina iodinea

Canon A570
Internal flash

Gayle Van Leer

La Jolla Shores
60 feet

Acanthodoris lutea

Sony T30
Internal flash and my handheld flashlight lighting system

Steve Gardner

La Jolla Shores

Syngnathus sp.

Nikon D70s
Dual strobes on 1/16 power
f/16, 1/640, ISO 400

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall

Octopus sp.

Sea & Sea DX-2G
Single Sea & Sea YS-110 strobe

Mike Bartick

Laguna Beach
Shaw's Cove

Tube-dwelling Anemone
Order Ceriantharia

Nikon D300s
Dual YS-250 strobes
Nocturnal video light and modeling light for effect

Dave Rudie

Point Loma
40 feet

California Spiny Lobster
Panulirus interruptus

Olympus SP-350

Kevin Lee

La Jolla
Marine Room

Skeleton Shrimp
Infraorder Caprellida

Nikon D300
Dual YS-110a strobes

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