Photos of the Week #236

October 26, 2009

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Scott McGee

Point Loma Kelp
40 feet

Diver Barbara Lloyd in

Giant Kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera

Nikon D200
Ikelite housing
Dual DS125 strobe
10.5mm fisheye lens
f/6.3, 1/100

Dave Rudie

Catalina Island
Long Point
30 feet

Mostly Jack Mackerel
Trachurus symmetricus

with some Pacific Sardines
Sardinops sagax

Olympus E410
Inon strobe

Walter Heim

Point Loma
55 feet

Gopher Rockfish
Sebastes carnatus

Canon 20D
Dual SB105 strobes
Tokina 10-17mm lens

Matt Cerezo

Los Coronados
North Island
Lobster Shack
30 feet

California Sea Lions
Zalophus californianus

Sealife DC1000
Sealife digital strobe
Wide angle lens

Walt Conklin

Leo Carrillo State Park
Tower 2
Taken at the surface pre-dive

Northern Kelp Crab
Pugettia producta

Sea & Sea DX8000G
Ambient light

Karma Crampton

La Jolla Shores
Secret Garden
105 feet

Juvenile Vermilion Rockfish
Sebastes miniatus

behind a Red Gorgonian
Lophogorgia chilensis

Olympus FE-280

Mike Bartick

Catalina Island

Giant Kelpfish
Heterostichus rostratus

in Surf Grass
Phyllospadix sp.

Nikon D300
Ambient light
Tokina 10-17mm lens

Kevin Lee

Catalina Island

Mantis Shrimp
Hemisquilla californiensis

Nikon D300
Dual YS-110 strobes

Gayle Van Leer

Point Loma
20 feet

Smelt, probably Top Smelt
Atherinops affinis

in Giant Kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera

Sony T900
Sony housing
No flash

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
South Walls

Kelp Bass
Paralabrax clathratus

Canon G10
Dual YS110 strobes

Steve Murvine

Point Loma
85 feet

Calina luteomarginata

above a sea star

Canon G-9
Ikelite housing
DS-125 TTL strobe and Sea & Sea YS-15 slave strobe
Inon close up lens

Garry McCarthy

La Jolla

The view from Shell Beach towards Children's Pool. Taken 50 minutes after sunset.

Nikon D300
Tokina 12-24mm lens
f/9, 30 second exposure, IS 400

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