Photos of the Week #197

January 26, 2009

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Steve Drogin

Baja California, Mexico
Guadalupe Island
1,000 feet

Basket Star
Gorgonocephalus cadyi

Nikon D3
Nikon 24-70mm lens
Taken from Steve's submersible

HD video shot by Steve Drogin at 1,000+ feet off Guadalupe Island will be the headliner film at this 40th Anniversary San Diego Underwater Film Festival on April 25 at the Qualcomm Media Center. Info and tickets.

Gayle Van Leer

Point Loma

Southern Kelp Crabs
Taliepus nuttallii

Sony T30
Sony housing
Internal flash

Jen Tople

La Jolla Shores

Northern Kelp Crabs
Pugettia producta

Nikon D70s
Dual Ikelite DS125s
60mm macro lens

Kevin Lee

Point Loma

Northern Kelp Crab
Pugettia producta

Megabalanus californicus

Nikon D200
Dual YS-110 strobes

Steve Murvine

Point Loma
20 feet

Diver Kevin Lee

Elk Kelp
Pelagophycus porra

Canon G-9
Ikelite DS-51 strobe

Brenda Bridgett

La Jolla Shores
30 feet

Rockpool Blenny
Hypsoblennius gilberti

Canon Powershot A570 IS
Iinternal flash

Mark Pidcoe

La Jolla Shores
North Wall
62 feet

Painted Greenling
Oxylebius pictus

Sea & Sea DX750G
Pixtreme slave strobe

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall
65 feet

California Sea Hare
Aplysia californica

Sony VX1000 frame grab from video
Two UK 100 light cannons

Dave Rudie

Red Sea, Egypt
South of Marsa Alam
Abu Dubu
35 feet

Sea Cow
Dugong dugon

Olympus E-410

Chris Nelson

Los Coronados
North Island
Lobster Shack
15 feet

Diver Adam Peck and a

California Sea Lion
Zalophus californianus

Sea & Sea DX-1G

Scott McGee

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall
55 feet

Divers Mike Hallack and Kim Mitchell

Nikon D200
Ikelite housing
DS 125 strobe
10.5mm lens
f/2.8, 1/60

Terry Strait

La Jolla Shores
Main Wall

Sarcastic Fringehead
Neoclinus blanchardi

Nikon D40x
f/18, 1/100, ISO 100

Kim Mitchell

La Jolla Shores
40 feet

Juvenile California Scorpionfish
Scorpaena guttata

Sand Dollars
Dendraster excentricus

Canon PowerShot SD880

Allison Vitsky

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bahia de Banderas
Los Arcos
40 feet

Cryptopterina pustulata

Canon 20D
Dual Ikelite DS125 strobes
60mm lens
Macro Mate diopter

Roger Uzun

San Diego and Los Coronados

4:53-min video clip

Click to play video clip

Sony SR-12 camcorder
Light and Motion housing
Light and Motion Sunray 2000 LED lights

Also Sony HDR-HC7 camcorder

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