Photos of the Week #208

April 13, 2009

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Steve Drogin

Divebums Photos of the Week has featured several photos in the past two months taken by Steve Drogin from his submarine at 1,000+ feet off Guadalupe Island. These photos were teasers for a HD film that Steve was to present this Saturday, April 25th, as the headliner for the 40th Anniversary San Diego Underwater Film Festival.

Steve died last week in India of a heart attack.

Steve's film from deep off Guadalupe Island, "Seeing the Deep," is being re-edited to be shown without his narration and will be shown at the Film Festival — as he would wish.

Info and tickets

A memorial service for Steve Drogin will be on Wednesday, April 29, at SIO in La Jolla. The time has not yet been set.

[From Scripps Institution of Oceanography] Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the greater diving, underwater photography, and ocean-related communities lost a great friend when Steve Drogin suffered a fatal heart attack on April 14 while traveling in India with his wife, Hiro.

A longtime E.W. Scripps Associates member, Steve was supportive of several Scripps students over the years. After building his own submersible, a three-person yellow submarine, DeepSee, he provided funding to enable three Scripps students Brad Erisman, Talina Konotchick and Brian Zgliczynski to travel to and spend 10+ days around Cocos Island, Costa Rica, exploring the wonders of the sea via scuba diving and descending to even greater depths in his submarine.

In 2005, Steve hosted a Scripps-only viewing of his submarine and reception in the parking lot near Hubbs Hall before DeepSee officially went into operation. In 2007-08, Steve was one of several donors to help fund Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation master's student Laura Escobosa, whose graduate research involved an area near and dear to his heart, the Sea of Cortez.

In summer 2008, Steve brought his submarine to the Sea of Cortez, where he, several Scripps scientists and students, and their Mexican counterparts participated in a research expedition that revealed the Gulf of California’s Deep Sea secrets as well as human impacts. The DeepSee allowed the scientists to survey marine life with its 360-degree glass dome at depths as extensive as 475 meters (1,500 feet). Steve, who had been diving since 1958, and and his wife Hiro participated in Scripps’ first donors’ trip to Palmyra last November. While Steve traveled extensively during his lifetime, he considered the Palmyra trip a real highlight.

Steve portrayed his love of the sea in his immense collection of underwater photographs from nudibranchs, the tiniest of sea creatures, to the largest sharks and whales. Some of his photos were donated to and are now displayed in the Scripps Oceanographic Collections. He made numerous presentations about his adventures to diving and underwater photography clubs and to Scripps students and scientists. He also hosted many Scripps scientists and students at his home for special presentations over the years. Steve is survived by his wife, Hiro; a son, Mike; a daughter, Laura; and several grandchildren.

Todd Warshaw

US/Mexican Border
USS Hogan
125 feet

Wreck of the Hogan

Canon 1d MkIIs
Subal housing
Ambient light
16-35mm lens

Mike Bartick

Catalina Island

Acanthodoris hudsoni on a dime

Nikon D300
105mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter

Terry Strait

La Jolla Shores
65 feeet

Polycera atra

Nikon D40x
Ikelite housing
Dual DS125 strobes
60mm macro lens
f/22, 1/125, ISO100

Chris Nelson

Catalina Island
Casino Point Underwater Park
30 feet

Juvenile Horn Shark
Heterodontus francisci

Sea & Sea DX-1G

David Hershman

Scripps Canyon
120 feet

Swell Shark
Cephaloscyllium ventriosum

Olympus 1030sw
Olympus housing
Internal flash

Jim Swanson

La Jolla Shores

Spanish Shawl
Flabellina iodinea

Olympus Stylus 770 SW
Olympus housing

Brenda Bridgett

La Jolla Shores

Flabellina trilineata

Canon PowerShot A570
Internal flash

Herb Gruenhagen

La Jolla
LJ Beach & Tennis Club
25 feet

This appears to be the remains of a Cyclosalpa sp. (?)

Sand Dollars
Dendraster excentricus

Canon PowerShot G10
YS110/YS110 strobes
f5.6, 1/125, ISO 100

Shauna McGillivray

La Jolla Shores
40 feet

Purple Globe Crab
Randallia ornata

Sand Dollars
Dendraster excentricus

Canon A570IS
Internal Flash

Scott McGee

La Jolla
Children's Pool Breakwall

"The canceled Underwater Easter Egg hunt led me to Children's Pool. Child's eye view on the breakwater."

Nikon D200
10.5mm lens
f/14, 1/500

Mark Pidcoe

Mission Bay
Mariner's Cove
16 feet

Spanish Shawl
Flabellina iodinea

Sony DSC-F828
Ikelite Housing
DS50 strobe & manual EV controller

Roger Uzun

Los Coronados
North Island

Hopkin's Rose
Okenia rosacea

Sony XR-520V camcorder
Light and Motion Bluefin Pro Housing with Fathom imaging 90 degree wide angle port with a 4x diopter macro lens
Light and Motion Sunray 2000 LED video lights

Brian McHugh

La Jolla Shores
60 feet

Octopus sp.

Olympus E-52
YS110 and YS110a strobes
50mm lens

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